Las Vegas, NV


Estate Law in Las Vegas

Retaining an attorney who can provide planning assistance with Las Vegas, NV, estate law matters is a proactive way to prepare for your future. If you're ready to hire a lawyer who can prepare and file legal documents that assert and respect your wishes, you'll receive local representation from the staff at Shelley D. Krohn Ltd. We can assist you with long-term care provisions, living wills, and end-of-life arrangements.

Respectful Service

Because we value your time and realize that you have other obligations, we've designed our flexible office hours with your convenience in mind. You can speak directly with an attorney about your chief concerns and receive answers that may enable you to apply the law to your situation in a beneficial way. If you're curious about any taxes that will be levied against your estate, we'd be happy to discuss practical ways to limit the liability that your heirs will be accountable for.

If you'd like a free half-hour consultation with an attorney, Shelley D. Krohn Ltd. encourages you to contact our office. To schedule your appointment and protect the rights that you have according to Las Vegas, NV, estate law, call us.